Second Attempt

I actually created this blog about a year ago, with the intention to write really funny and interesting posts about things people liked to read about. I thought it would be fun because I love writing, especially if it means sharing my opinions with people. But I never managed to get into it. I’ve always been very critical of my writing, I could probably write a novel about all of the times I’ve started and restarted hundreds of different stories, always with the intention to “actually finish this one”. But it just ends in tears because I read through the first chapter and think “No one is going to read that, you shouldn’t even bother” and so I don’t bother, I give up.
The same thing happened last year with this blog, I spent more time thinking about what I was going to write than I did actually writing it, it became more of a chore than a hobby and so I didn’t bother with it anymore. I never forgot about it, I would constantly find myself thinking of something which would make an interesting read, only to then realize that someone else has probably already had that idea and their skills are likely to far outweigh my own. So I would push the thought away and carry on with life.

About a week ago, for multiple reasons, I found myself becoming increasingly stressed out, to the point that it took a whole bag of marshmallows and a Cadbury’s chocolate bar to calm me down. It was at this point that I decided I needed a hobby, something that would relax me and cause my mind to stop thinking about all the bad stuff for a minute, something that didn’t pose a high risk of type 2 diabetes.
And so my mind began to wander back to writing, but this time I was thinking more for myself rather than the people who may or may not read it. I decided that I would take a moment every day to record my thoughts and put the day into perspective, just to give my mind a little bit of a break.

And so that, reader, is the purpose of this blog, it is my own personal anti-stress medication. I will write as little or as often as I choose (it will largely depend on my mood that day) and I’m hoping it will help me feel much happier in the long term.

Sophie x 


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