5 Starbucks Customers That I Seriously Don’t Understand (By A Barista)

When I found this, it IMEDIATELY reminded me of my boyfriend since a noticable amount of his time is spent talking about a) coffee, b) his job and c) people who are (in his opinion) “dumb”.
So, Jordan, I’m posting this here for you.

Sophie x

Thought Catalog

Sorbis / Shutterstock.comSorbis / Shutterstock.com

1. The woman who orders a Grande latte in a Venti cup

Um, are you trying to make people think that you spent more money on coffee than you actually did? PLEASE tell me you won’t need that much room for milk or cream! Then why bother ordering coffee? This is just one ordering technique that always earns an eye roll from me.

2. The man who orders his coffee at EXACTLY 172 degrees

Let’s be serious for a second, how the hell do you know how hot your coffee is? My mouth tells me probably 4 temperatures, ranging from scalding hot, to damn that’s toasty, to luke warm, to did you make this last night? Are you going to pull a thermometer out of your pocket to double check the heat level? Even worse, when the person sends it back, I just want to say ok…

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