Pointless trip to Ireland

Three years ago, on a school trip to Paris, my best friend and I got into a very in-depth discussion about the places around the world we wanted to visit. They ranged from “down the road” places such as Cornwall and Bath, to the extremely ambitious North Pole (I would like to add that the latter suggestion was not one of my own). One place we both completely agreed upon was Ireland, and on that day we made a “pinky promise” that we would visit together, once we turned 18.
Three years on, my best friend (who is now, funnily enough, my boyfriend) and I are sitting in a rather small hotel room, in the center of Cork with the window wide open due to lack of air conditioning, waiting until a socially acceptable time to wander down for dinner.

One would naturally assume that being a young couple away on holiday together, we would be outside soaking up the evening sunshine and strolling the very open (and rather clean) streets of Cork trying different types of ales and whiskey whilst snapping cute photos of ourselves on the bridge over the river…
The reality however is very different. Right now for example, we are laying, side by side on a very squeaky bed, myself blogging, whilst the other half plays poker with fake money on his tablet, making me jump every now and again with yells of anger at his invisible opponent or squeals of glee brought on by his false fortune.

Why are we wasting the evening away you ask? Because we are tired.
As of last Friday, we both officially finished our A-level exams; two years after we began working towards them, they are finally over, and now, there is NOTHING that we need to do… literally.
I think we both feel as if we’ve earned a few days of doing absolutely nothing, no work, no revision and no exams.

Anyway, we are obviously not planning on staying in this very stuffy room all week, tomorrow we’re taking a bus to Blarney castle and on Wednesday we want to get a train to Cobh. But today, is a chill day, and that is ok.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is sometimes you just need a day where you just do absolutely nothing, whether it’s by yourself or with someone else, just switch off for a bit, stop worrying about everything and do something you always want to do but never get the chance to. Even If that “something” is playing a pointless game on Facebook, watching all 5 seasons of breaking bad… or even, if you’re feeling extremely rebellious, taking that trip you’ve been planning for three years, just so you can be somewhere else for a little while, away from all the people who make you feel bad when you’re wasting you’re time doing nothing… Just a thought.

S x


4 thoughts on “Pointless trip to Ireland

  1. Although I’ve only been on this website for two weeks now, I think this is my favorite post I’ve found so far. Great message!
    I’m also very jealous that you get to do nothing in Ireland while I’m doing nothing in Ohio.

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