#bookadayuk -1. Favorite book from childhood


Sometime last month, I came across a post by Matt Cresswell (http://mcresswell.wordpress.com/). He was “blogging through June”, following this picture and talking about a different book each day. The moment I saw it, I immediately wanted to join in but since it was bang in the middle of the month I thought there wasn’t really much point, so I decided to wait until July.
Well, July is here, so I’m going to give this a try… it should be interesting.
(Yes, I have noticed that it only caters to 30 days, it was probably created just for June, but what am I if not adaptable?)

I must warn you though, reader, many of the books will most likely not be to your taste, since I seem to be a very stereotypical “Teen Girl” reader… lots of YA books I’m afraid, sorry.
Anyway, shall we proceed?

1. Favorite book from childhood.

OK, this one is simple. Despite the fact that I probably mention the Harry Potter books at least once a day, whenever I’m asked about my favorite book (from childhood or in general) the series barely pops into my mind. This is because, that slot is specifically reserved for one special book which has remained with me since I was about 7 years old.
337412Arthur High King of Britain, by Michael Morpurgo.
In primary school, we all had to read Morpurgo books during reading time, if you’re Luke (oldest childhood friend) you will know that this was a particularly excruciating experience for me since I would read ahead and finish the book before everyone else had finished chapter 3. I thought his books were good, so I took about 5 out of the school library, I only managed to get through 1 in 3 weeks though, why? Because I read the same one over and over and over again.

History has always been one of my… I suppose you could say “passions”. Add a little bit of myth and fantasy in there and I’m hooked, for me this book had it all, the history, myths, legends and magic, as well as a little bit of romance thrown in.

After primary school, I didn’t read the book again, and since I didn’t have my own copy, it sort of began to fade from my mind a bit. But then one day I was just browsing through the books in Smith’s, when I came across one that mentioned King Arthur. All of the memories suddenly came flooding back and I immediately headed over to the young readers section to find 1 copy of my old childhood favorite.

I don’t really have a favorite book now, I’ve enjoyed so many, but this one always comes to mind because it’s safe, it’s comforting. If I have nothing else to do, or if I’ve just finished a pretty heavy book and my mind and emotions are all over the place, I escape to Camelot.


P.S. A nice lady on twitter informed me that the hash-tag is now #bookadayuk





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