#bookadayUK 3. Favourite translated novel – AND – 4. Favourite American Novel


I was a bit of a kid yesterday and I spent the day at Legoland! This, of course, has nothing to to with my book of the day, but just explains why I’m putting two books in one post today.

3. Favourite translated novel.
I thought about this one for a long time yesterday (whilst queuing for the log flume) and I just could not think of a single book that I’d read that had been translated into English. I wasn’t going to completely ignore it though so this morning I had a look on goodreads, with the intention to pick a translated novel and make a point to read it sometime soon and then blog about it later. But instead, I was quite surprised to find that one of my favourite series was on the list of “top translated novels”

inkheart-bookInk Heart, by Cornelia Funke. I don’t know whether everyone already knew this, but I genuinely had no idea that this book, and it’s sequels were originally written in German.
The reason I like this book (and the rest of the trilogy) is because when I read it for the first time I couldn’t put it down. It was one of those experiences where you basically live and breath the books for about a week, as you power through all three, one after the other, neglecting all other daily duties and necessities such as homework, socialising, eating and sleeping… Wastes valuable reading time.


So, today is obviously the 4th of July, where every American will be celebrating Independence Day. It seems only fitting that the book today is:

2. Favourite American novel
I’m not sure whether this means a novel set in America or a novel by an American author… So to be on the safe side, I’ll go all American.
61vJG--DyyLThe princess diaries 3 (third time lucky), by Meg Cabot. I know it’s the third book in a ten book series, but this one is literally my favourite of all of them! Firstly, I like the way all of the books are written, in a diary form, you are literally getting one side of the story, so you’re as lost as the character is throughout the whole book. The reason I like this book the most though, is simply because of what happens… Which I’m obviously not going to be writing here!


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