Freshers flu

bl20303I feel like I’m supposed to apologize for having neglected my blog for the past 3 months or so, but then I remember that it’s MY blog and I can post as and when I feel like it so… yeah.

Well, I guess I should start by announcing that since my last post I have become an official Undergraduate student at the University of Kent (woop!). So yeah, that’s pretty exciting, a lot of other stuff has happened obviously but I’ll be honest that is pretty much the most interesting thing that has happened in my entire life so everything else since august has been placed in the “not important” pile of life events.
Anyway, I’ve been living at Uni for 2 weeks now, and so far, so good, I managed to survive freshers week without too much trouble (the events of last weekend not included and shall not be discussed), and I managed to tick off plenty of freshers week goals such as: meet housemates, make a friend, cook a meal, burn a meal, drink too much etc.

So all in all I’d say it was a very productive week minus a few hiccups of course, and it was certainly a lot of fun. However, as the laws of physics and life dictate, what goes up, must come down. Hence why I am now sitting in my bed back home in Essex in an attempt to sleep off/sweat  out this horrible sickness that has consumed me for the past few days. Now, I’m not exaggerating when I say that every single person I have told about my misfortune has nodded very gravely and said in hushed undertones “Ahh yes, freshers flu.”

Am I weird for not knowing anything about this until literally 3 days ago?

As the freshers week drew to a close, I heard the phrase being used more and more and formed the assumption that it was a reference used to describe people who are fed up of freshers week and want it to end. I think most of you would be able to see how I came to this conclusion.
flu = sick
freshers = freshers week
But it wasn’t until one of my housemates declared that he had freshers flu after he came home from town laden with bags full of medicines that I considered the idea that maybe freshers flu is actually an illness!

You can see here how exciting my life has become.

I turned to trusty Google at this point and found out that freshers flu was simply a flu or general sickness that is caused by multiple factors that are enhanced by university freshers week, e.g eating less fruit and more junk food, less sleep and more alcohol and most importantly, you are interacting with people from areas all around the world, therefore you’re bound to catch something!

So there you have it! Freshers flu IS in fact a real thing (woop!)

I apologize for the dullness of this topic, please don’t judge, I’m sick.


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