Roommates; why they make you feel like you’re going insane

A few weeks ago I came to write this with a clear idea on what I wanted to say. Living in halls at university, you are very open to the possibility of getting stuck sharing a flat with at least one person who has a “thing” which annoys you to the extreme. I understood this when I came here so I wasn’t surprised when I found myself becoming a little ticked off at certain things around the house. What did surprise me however was how many “little things” there were and how my fellow housemates didn’t seem to find all of these same things equally as annoying as I did.

I’m now beginning to think that rather than there being something mentally wrong with everyone I live with, maybe it’s just me?

But I still don’t understand! First of all, a common problem with university halls is obviously dirty plates and cutlery. But does this make it OK? Just because it happens a lot does it mean I’m supposed to accept it and move on? Don’t jump to hasty conclusions here, I’m not neurotic about cleanliness but it’s when I come to sit down at the table only to find it covered with dirty plates which still contain remnants of two day old food, or when I go to wash up my own plate (so as not to be an inconvenience obviously), only to have to abandon the whole task when I realize that I’m not going to be able to get to the tap with the coffee mug mountain that has appeared!
If I’m feeling determined, I might try and fight my disgust and attempt to wash my things up around this obstacle but it only takes a second for your mind to wander and… *ow* you’ve been stabbed by a knife, a sharp one, covered in what looks like chutney but you really can’t be sure. So you abandon ship and instead wash your cutlery in the bathroom (yes… I have done this). 

I personally think that I am within my rights to find this annoying, and I do, immensely. But there are other things too, for example, there is a girl in my house who is ALWAYS talking to someone. And don’t think I’m exaggerating here because I’m being genuine. She is either talking to a friend who she has invited round or she is on the phone. And whichever one it is, she is always sure she lets us all know by doing it extremely loudly. I honestly, in all my life have never met someone who speaks so loud every waking moment of the day. I’m absolutely convinced that the only time she isn’t speaking is when she is asleep, and even then I’m sure she talks to herself… loudly.
Oh, and on a similar note, do people REALLY have to have a notification sound on their phone for EVERYTHING? And if they do, does it REALLY have to be that loud? And if it does have to be that loud then can you please answer it rather than let it go on and on repeating itself over and over again? I don’t want to know that you’ve got 2 texts, 5 Snapchats’, 4 Facebook messages and a new email. I don’t need to know that you obviously have a more exciting social life than me so stop shoving it in my face.

Another thing is visitors. Now, I know that sounds grumpy, but imagine if every single time you walked into your kitchen there was someone there you’d never even seen before, sitting at your table scoffing down a bacon sandwich. Sometimes there’s been at least 4 or 5 people in there on a Saturday morning eating breakfast. I’ve wandered in in my pyjamas ready to great my fellow housemates only to run out again having been forced, by rules of class, to put on proper clothes because I don’t feel like anyone should see me in my pyjamas if I’ve known them less than 10 seconds.

Last night, I found myself getting annoyed at one of my housemates because they’d decided to cook burgers at 4 o’clock in the morning. I may have let this slide but since there was absolutely no alcohol involved, I feel as though they should have known better. especially since they managed to burn the damn things, meaning, not only was I woken up at stupid o’clock but I also then had to try and ignore the fire alarm and the horrific smell that lingered for a good few hours after. 
To top it all off, because I’d washed my underwear yesterday afternoon and it was drying in my bathroom, it now all smells like burnt burgers.

I can’t express this enough, but these few things only seem to tip the iceberg regarding what seems to tick me off. I’m happy with my housemates, don’t get me wrong, but that’s why I’m beginning to think that I’m the issue here, maybe I’m too intolerant? Maybe it’s ME who’s the worst housemate?

I’ll keep you posted 

S x


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