About Myself

I’m never any good at writing about myself, it took me an absolute age to finish my personal statement when I applied to Uni, I think it’s because I never know what I’m supposed to say, what do you want to know?

I’ll start with the basics…
I am a girl, have been all my life.
I am 18 years old but according to a quiz on Facebook I have a mental age of 20, so that’s interesting.
I am 5’3″ – I must add that for the whole of my primary school life, I was one of the tallest girls in my class, second only to this other girl who towered over everyone like a giraffe, but after primary I stopped growing completely (except outwards… unfortunately) and remained at 5’2″ for the next 7 years. Then, on one very jolly day, I decided to measure myself (boredom) and found that I had grown a whole inch! … Anyway.

Now onto other mildly interesting things…
I like reading… no, sorry, that’s wrong. I LOVE reading, whatever genre, it doesn’t bother me… though I do have a slight weakness for Young Adult fiction.
I like writing too, stories mainly, but since I am very self-critical, the stories never seem to make it out of my mind and onto paper, which sucks because I really think some of them could be pretty good.
I like other things, drawing (though I’m not very good), painting (once again, no good, it just makes me feel cool), baking (NOT COOKING! Cooking is nasty) and… netflix (currently watching season 1 of 90210 and The Vampire Diaries)

Twitter – @anotefromsophie
Tumblr – anotefromsophie.tumblr.com
email – anotefromsophie@gmail.com

… I doubt they will be too hard to remember


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